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Commander Laurence Nelson

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Commander Laurence Nelson

Commander Laurence Nelson is a main character in the Wonderful 101. He is the commander of the CENTINELS Planetary Secret Service and the original Wonder Red. Commanding the Blossom City field office, Nelson is skilled in ship combat, and thus also helms the CENTINELS' state of the art warship, the Virgin Victory. He is a renowned general who has several battle under his belts that perfectly display his sharp instincts and judgements as well as his ability to make decisions whilst under fire. During the Earth Defense War II, he fought as a Wonderful One, leading the armies to victory against the GEATHJERK. Because of his battle hardened demeanor, he is often seen by the uninitiated as a careless general, but most understand his style to be caring yet distant.

He is a lover of tea, and is often seen with a full teacup in his hand, regardless of the nature of the situation or the life-and-death situations his position commands. He is trusted by his superiors and commands unwavering respect from those he commands, largely due to his cautious and methodical approach that is a stark contrast to his past as a hot-blooded youth. He has faced death more times than most care to count, and his fear is as hidden as his talents are exposed. As the original Wonder Red, his United Morph was the Unite Drill, a short-range but massively powerful strike that could deliver multiple hits on a single point.