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The GEATHJERK is an alien armada that invaded earth forty years prior to the start of the game. This invasion prompted the creation of CENTINEL, which combated a second invasion twenty years after the first. Incidentally, this invasion was the cause of Wonder Red's father's death. After being repelled from Earth, they are arming for a third invasion with a larger fleet, poised to strike in the skies above. Members of the GEATHJERK are listed below, and more information can be found by visiting their personal pages.

Leadership[edit | edit source]

Prince Vorkken[edit | edit source]

A space pirate and galactic criminal, Vorkken challenges the Wonderful 101 to duel, with interesting results. Though he starts as one of the antagonists, Prince Vorkken becomes a protagonist in short order.

Chewgi[edit | edit source]

Second in command to Prince Vorkken, Chewgi is Vorkken's right-hand man, carrying out orders and delivering intelligence.

Laambo[edit | edit source]

Laambo is a twisted and evil GEATHJERK who loves war almost as much as he loves death. He brandishes a special sword known as the Dechno-Bo, and is a formidable enemy for any CENTINEL agent.

Wanna[edit | edit source]

The Chief Scientist of the armada, Wanna is an intelligent and skilled weapons developer.

Vijounne[edit | edit source]

A high ranking officer in the armada, she is truly fearsome and brutal.

Jergingha[edit | edit source]

A Supreme Overlord with the intent of wiping out humanity and rewriting history.

Weapons of the Armada[edit | edit source]

Dough-Goo[edit | edit source]

The infantry of the GEATHJERK armada. What they lack in power, they make up for in numbers.

Diedough-Goo[edit | edit source]

Highly dangerous commandos of the GEATHJERK armada, these robots are a danger to encounter.

Hoedown[edit | edit source]

A heavily armored tank vehicle able to traverse all terrain types with incredible destructive force.

You-Hough[edit | edit source]

Dough-Goo - now with parachutes! The You-Hough are the aerial infantry shocktroops of the GEATHJERK armada.

Dahkats[edit | edit source]

Large genetically mutated scorpion-like creatures, the Dahkats are a massive threat to all who encounter them.