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P-Star is an autonomous support mech designed to aid the Wonderful 101 in their various daily duties. Equipped with a learning-type AI and experimental levitation engine known as the P-Fieldcraft designed by James Shirogane, P-Star is able to move wherever the Wonderful 101 need support, learning from various experiences and sources to become a more rounded support platform. The P-Star is well equipped as a platform, able to relay messages, check the conditions of Wonderful 101 members and their gear, repair and condition equipment, assist in searches, scan enemies for combat data, analyze terrain and battlefield statistics, and so much more.

P-Star links to James Shirogane's "Mother Platinum" central computer, allowing him to perform data searches and collation, allowing P-Star to offer advice to the Wonderful 101. Though P-Star does not have many combat functions, it is equipped with a spice bomb disruptor and BB guns, as well as a massive bubble memory bank for the installation and storage of various Unite Morph programs. P-Star's frame is made of a scrapped video game console. It is extremely intelligent, and is considered the "mascot" of the Wonderful 101.