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Prince Vorkken

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Full Name: Prince Vorkken
Rank: Officer, Fourth Class

Prince Vorkken is an outlaw originally from the Rhullo comet who is the founder and leader of the powerful one-hundred strong Guyzoch space pirate band. Though he was in the past known for his wisdom and kindness, he has forsaken those aspects of himself, disregarding the existence of others and only pursuing avenues to increase his power and political gravity. Though he is initially an antagonist of the Wonderful 101, he is not an ally of the GEATHJERK; because the GEATHJERK slaughtered his people and destroyed his home, he has dedicated his life to forcibly conscripting soldiers from planet to planet in the interest of avenging Rhullo with a massive and powerful armada of his own.

Vorkken is incredibly intelligent, and has a well-developed sense of strategy on the battlefield, displaying excellent ability to adapt to changing combat and force the enemy to do as he pleases. His Vanzen Suit, constructed by the most prolific and talented scientists of Rhullo, enables him to use techniques similar to the United Morph of the Wonderful 101, dubbed the "Unify Morph". The Unify Morphs are equal to, or possibly more powerful than, the Unite Morphs, and it is possible to further increase this destructive power through the installation of high density holographic memory disks held by V-Star, the robot assistant always at Vorkken's side. His preferred Unify Morph is the Unify Boomerang, an energy boomerang that can hit enemies from quite a distance, dealing double damage as it strikes again on the return.

After challenging the Wonderful 101 in an attempt to defeat then control them, the first battle shows no clear winner. A second battle does much the same; a third battle, however, results in the victory of the Wonderful 101 with the help of Immorta, Vorkken's sister. Immorta revealed that the GEATHJERK had used him as a puppet to attack the Wonderful 101, and after the Wonders save him from a nano-bioweapon sent by Gimme, Vorkken joins the Wonderful 101 to atone for his crimes.