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Full Name: Vijounne of Ewwmee
Rank: Officer, Fourth Class

Vijounne is a high ranking officer of the GEATHJERK Federation Supreme Armada. Originally from an aquatic planet called Emwee, Vijounne is a master of aquatic combat and operations. As the only female in the GEATHJERK Officers, she is unusually vain, and uses her sexuality as a weapon unto itself. She is extremely concerned about her appearance and is threatened by the presence of another woman. She is also disgusted by lack of cleanliness, and carries herself above others, almost as if she is regal. Her motivations for taking part in the invasion of Earth is to claim the aquatic environment of the ocean for herself, as she finds it very much to her liking. This selfishness is indicative of her vanity and regal nature.

Judging by the joy she expresses in taunting Wonder Red and Wonder Blue, it would seem she enjoys playing with her enemies as much as fighting them, tempting them and toying with their base emotions; she once disguised herself as a CENTINEL agent, killing Wonder Blue's brother in a trap. This event has caused Wonder Blue to swear revenge against her.