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Wonder Black

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Wonder Black

United Morph: Unite Bomb
Real Name: Krishna Ramanujan
Occupation: University Student
Aliases: Mr. Ramanujan
Nickname: The 8-bit Enchanter
Hometown: New Delhi, India

Wonder Black is one of the main heroes of the Wonderful 101, and is a member of CENTINELS. His real name is Krishna Ramanujan, and outside of his superhero persona, he is a university student.

Personality[edit | edit source]

An 11-year old with an IQ over 300, Wonder Black is often seen as emotionless and absorbed in technological wonders - he is most seen engrossed in his games, finding himself particularly enamored with a Nintendo 3DS. Gifted with technology and machinery, he has augmented his intelligence with physical prowess and combat training, pursuing both anti-cyber-crime and hand-to-hand combat in his education. Despite his seemingly absent-mindedness, he is often secretly focusing on the battle at hand, considering differing strategies and preparing mentally for combat. Nearing the same age as Wonder Green, the two are relatively close, often going on ridiculous conversational tangents regardless of the situation at hand. He often uses a homemade weapon known as the Time Bomb to stop time and affect the immediate blast radius with his powers. He is often referred to as "The 8-Bit Enchanter".