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Wonder Blue

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Wonder Blue

United Morph: Unite Sword
Real Name: Eliot Hooker
Occupation: Police Officer
Aliases: Officer Hooker
Nickname: The Supersonic Blade
Hometown: Los Angeles, USA

Wonder Blue is a principle member of the Wonderful 101. His real name is Eliot Hooker, and he is an LAPD Detective outside of the Wonderful 101. His United Morph, Unite Sword, is possibly one of the most powerful Unite Morphs of the Wonderful 101, and can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes, reflecting laser fire to their points of origination and utilizing a lightning element in all attacks and defensive postures. The nature of the sword allows Wonder Blue to sustain electrical attacks without damage as well as deal electrical damage to enemies on contact.

Originally a young "go-getter" LAPD detective, Wonder Blue's older brother was betrayed by his partner (who was actually Vijounne in disguise]], causing an unhealthy obsession with revenge. This, coupled with his strong sense of identity and distaste for authority, makes Wonder Blue a difficult hero to deal with, countered only by his quick and effective decision making and utmost dedication to the well-being of his team. He is hotheaded, often losing himself to anger, which has caused his record to be marked with several distinct failures and ethical issues. In combat, he is often arrogant and vain. Though he prefers to work alone and is poor at teamwork (likely a reaction to his early betrayal at the hands of his brother's betrayal), he does care about his teammates, and uses his Valiantium Blade in their defense. He is an incredibly skilled swordsman.