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Wonder Green

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Wonder Green

United Morph: Unite Gun
Real Name: Jean-Sébastien Renault
Occupation: Middle School Student
Aliases: Jean-Sébastien
Nickname: Le Sniper Supérieur
Hometown: Paris, France

Wonder Green is a principal member of the Wonderful 101. His real name is Jean-Sébastien Renault, and he is currently a middle school student. Though he poses as a dedicated student while under the supervision of his parents, he is dedicated most to his firearms and ranged weapons, his skill in which was the principle reason he was chosen as a Wonderful One. His Unite Morph, the Unite Gun, launches his colleagues in the air as ammunition, allowing them to set up climb and air attacks, and is unmatched in terms of range and support capability. The Unite Gun can also be used to pick up various objects and launch them at enemies.

Wonder Green is often seen as self-obsessed, seemingly thinking the world revolves around him, ignoring his personal reality. He is extremely rude and snide, often clumsily flirting with Wonder Pink while insulting Wonder Blue. He is incredibly carefree, but breaks into panic the second something goes wrong. He has an intensely close friendship with Wonder Black, likely due to the fact that they are close in age and share a love of video games, comics, cartoons, mischief, and junk food.