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Wonder Yellow

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Wonder Yellow

United Morph: Unite Hammer
Real Name: Ivan Istochnikov
Occupation: Russian Army Soldier
Aliases: Istochnikov
Nickname: The Hammering Russkie
Hometown: Siberia

Wonder Yellow is a principal member of the Wonderful 101. A soldier of the Russian army, he is first and foremost a father. His Unite Morph, the Unite Hammer, is an incredibly powerful Morph with limited range, and though it takes quite some time to swing, it is hands down the most powerful of the Unite Morphs. It is most useful against heavily armored opponents, piercing heavy armor plating and shattering enemy defenses; the hammer also possesses a defensive capability, shielding the player from incoming missiles and activating button switches, opening or closing areas that may be unreachable using other Unite Morphs and Wonderful Ones.

A Russian army soldier and hero to his people, Wonder Yellow is known for his brute strength and tenacity in survival. He is both the physical and emotional backbone of the team, pulling together the Wonderful Ones with his gentle and loving personality. This personality is in stark contrast to his shy and awkward public stance. Wonder Yellow wields a hammer made of the heaviest metal in the galaxy, Peta Omorium, called the Peta-Peta Hammer. His nickname, "The Hammering Russkie", comes from the fact that he expertly wields this hammer despite its considerable heft.